All the important RV safety information you need in one easy to read book
All the important RV safety information you need in one easy to read book

The Reason for "The RVer's Ultimate Survival Guide":

Consider for just a moment that RVing, despite its obvious appeal and popularity, can actually be somewhat of a hazardous undertaking for which few of us are prepared by our background, inclination, or formal training.  There is a large void of information, facts and details required to operate, drive and fully utilize a modern RV safely.  Unfortunately, that void has resulted in many serious injuries, a few deaths and is responsible for many more giving up the RV lifestyle altogether.  This truly essential book on RV safety was written (by an RVer for RVers) to provide a one-stop compendium of factual information designed to enhance your RVing life by making it safer, more secure and more economical; it may even save your life.  This book will give you the understanding and tools required to live and travel safely in your RV.

The "RVer's Ultimate Survival Guide" in it's nine chapters delves into virtually all of the topics which are capable of, and have caused, serious problems, needless expense, personal injuries and in some very regrettable and mostly preventable instances deaths of RVers. Simply stated a few hours of reading and thought will result in enhanced safety and a lifetime of "peace of mind".  

In this comprehensive text, the author offers the perspective of the "independent third party" as he discusses the myriad of technical issues facing the RVer today.  Wouldn't we all feel better if this book was required reading (RV 101) for everyone with which we must share the road?  This book would make an excellent gift for any RVer, especially for those who might not purchase a copy directly.

Please check out the "Chapter highlights" below to sample the depth of contents covered in this must read book.  While you are at it, please also review  "About the author"  to ascertain the authors credentials and experience to present this critical information to fellow RVers.

Don't think that you will be able to complete the study and implementation of a true RV Safety Program for yourself and your loved ones? Well, it does require a commitment and the expenditure of a modest amount of time/money; but it is essential that you get started. To prove that it is doable go to "Quick-Start" below; it will take you on a brief tour of the most effective steps that you can take now with little effort and provide the "most bang for your buck". Do it now!

 -- Neil LeKander, Author