All the important RV safety information you need in one easy to read book
All the important RV safety information you need in one easy to read book

Author's Bio

Neil W. LeKander, author of "The RVer's Ultimate Survival Guide" is a longtime recreation vehicle (RV) enthusiast having been exposed to the joys of the lifestyle by his parents as a youngster.  Neil and  Pat (wife of 47 years) have traveled extensively by RV (approximately 300,000 miles to date) and owned a series of RVs (often more than one) for more than 35 years.  Neil and Pat have lived full time in their classic motorhome, "UNDO", for the past thirteen years (since retiring) while writing this and other books, speaking at RV shows and rallies and enjoying their travels throughout the USA and Canada.  Neil is a lifelong racing fan with a passion for building and driving automobiles and is an avid enthusiast of all things mechanical.  

As you can tell from the following photos, "UNDO" has now been joined with a new addition, ("Lil UNDO") a smaller class "B" travel rig as modern as UNDO is classic. Lil UNDO is now a full-fledged member of the family, in fact, as of this update it has now taken the lead role in our RV life as we have regrettably sold our beloved UNDO. Here's hoping that UNDO truly enjoys its life with a new owner who enjoys the pleasures of this great RV as much as Pat and Neil did over the past 15+ years.

This new RV addition illustrates one of the ways the author actually suggests RVer's adapt to the various influences that might affect their RVing life.  In this case the cost of fuel/travel and the difficulty of driving a large RV as one grows older are positively benefited by downsizing the RV allowing the RVer to continue with his/her chosen lifestyle for many additional years.  Doing this has not diminished the enjoyment of our RV travel to any noticeable degree and is, in fact, exactly where Neil and Pat started RVing long ago.         

Neil & Pat's coach "UNDO" in Utah   "Lil UNDO" at Devils Tower, WY                "UNDO-squared"             

Neil's formal college degree is a BS in maintenance engineering.  He is also is a certified engineering technician, a licensed aviation A & P and R & E mechanic and a licensed pilot.  Most importantly, Neil is a recent retiree from a major USA tire company following a 32 year career as a wheel/brake/tire design and product support engineer.  Most of that career was spent in various field-based positions around the USA working in direct support of customers helping them to resolve operational problems and to derive the maximum economic value from those products.  Neil's employment presented the opportunity to lecture extensively on maintenance topics and to work towards the advancement of professionalism of maintenance personnel.  It also provided the opportunity to write a series of books with an emphasis on achieving "excellence in the maintenance and operation of those company products."

With that background it was only logical for Neil (and Pat) to combine those lifelong interests by joining A'Weigh We Go®, an RV weight safety program, as the West Coast weighing team for a three year period to utilize those skills for the betterment of all RVers.  That program with its day-to-day contact with RVers, RV manufacturers and learning of the multitude of problems faced by RVers prompted them to compile much of what they heard expressed by RVer's into this vitally important book, the product of several years effort.

Recent years has seen many changes within the RV industry and now a corresponding change in Neil and Pat's RV life. With these changes Neil has become more aggressive in putting forth the RV Safety message by attempting to spread the message far beyond what is possible by one individual.

First through a happy encounter with officers of the CMCA (Campervan Motorhome Club of Australia) during a USA RV rally it was determined that "The RVer's Ultimate Survival Guide" would be a worthwhile addition to that clubs offerings to their members. As a result of that chance meeting the "The RVer's Ultimate Survival Guide" was rewritten to provide an important contribution for that club's member benefits package and to a large degree the books contents were republished in monthly installments in "The Wanderer" the club's terrific magazine. You may wish to check out the CMCA at to observe this wonderful RV club in action.

Following that effort, Neil had devoted most of his free time to the Escapee's RV Club, an organization well known for its care for and support of the RVer. Lecturing on the subject of RV Safety and offering "The RVer's Ultimate Survival Guide" at Escapades around the country has been a routine for many years. In addition, Neil joined the famous Escapee's RVers' BootCamp program as an instructor in the areas of "Weight & Load Management" and "RV Tire safety" providing  truly essential information for all new or experienced RVers. "The RVer's Ultimate Survival Guide" is the official handbook of this all encompassing RV educational program and is provided to all Boot Camp trainees.

The success of this cooperative program with the Escapee's RV Club led to Neil joining the staff of Escapees with the assignment of establishing a "new" and even more effective RV weighing program. The work on this critical program is now complete and "SmartWeigh®" in now in operation at various Escapee functions around the country, and at several permanent weighing sites around the country. What has evolved from this effort is a full-featured RV weighing program more accessible to RVers everywhere. The SmartWeigh® program does not require industry funding to continue, offers even greater weighing accuracy and provides even more useful weight data and analysis than all previous programs. Plan now to utilize this essential safety service ASAP. Check the schedule at

As Neil and Pat travel the country today they continue to seek the input of the RVers they meet along the way to add detail and personal imprints to "The RVer's Ultimate Survival Guide."  Please feel free to share your RV safety stories when you see them "on the road".  Just look for "Lil UNDO" as you travel; be certain to wave or say hello.