All the important RV safety information you need in one easy to read book
All the important RV safety information you need in one easy to read book

Why do I need "The RVer's Ultimate Survival Guide":

As an RV author dealing with safety issues, I am often asked, "Why do I need this book on RV Safety?" That is a perfectly good question and one that all RVer's should answer for themselves. No doubt the answers would be many and quite diverse but they all boil down to a few real issues:

  • 1st: Most RVer's come to the lifestyle somewhat late in life after completing their childhood years, educational years, child rearing years, work years, etc. and are now seeking to capture all that is good and wonderful in the world in the time remaining for us. In essence we are seeking to make up for time lost; as such, we have little time (or tolerance) for anything that might get in the way of our pursuit of happiness. This book provides a lifetime of RV experience and issues in only a few hours of study and preventative action.
  • 2nd: The reality is that the lifestyle we have chosen is a very complex one that presents us with a multitude of new and unknown tasks and demands every day.
  • 3rd: Generally, there is very little in our backgrounds that qualifies most RVer's to take on the multitude of tasks that face RVers each day. To illustrate this point, certainly the retired truck driver is quite capable of driving the big RV but may lack the experience to maintain it properly or even to initially purchase the correct RV for his/her planned lifestyle. In a similar vein an ex-electrician would likely have little or no problem with the electrical power systems on-board the RV but might struggle with the vehicle's running gear or other systems.

The "bottom line" is that the vehicle itself is extremely complex and the lifestyle takes us into a multitude of places that present many obstacles, unknowns and challenges. Thus, there are many, many ways to go "wrong" and each "wrong" is capable of hurting us physically, mentally or financially. In this book I have brought forth issues my fellow RVer's have indicated they have experienced during their RV life. "To be forewarned, is to be prepared" to correctly handle whatever our lifestyle throws at us.

Actually, most readers agree with the statement printed on the back cover of the book "Wouldn't we all feel better if this book was required reading (RV-101) for everyone with which we must share the road?"